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The Quran Society created as both an educational and religious centre of learning, not associated with any particular school of thought, but firmly rooted in the principles of the Quran and Sunnah. Our programmed of study will include Arabic, Grammar and Morphology, Balagha, Literature, Islamic studies, Quranic science, Hadith science, Islamic Shareeah, Islamic Banking, Roles of Recitation, Seerah of the Prophet, Muslim History, comparative religions and many other courses.

The Society is proud to announce a number of courses specifically designed to cover issues relating to a variety of fields which greatly affect British society today. It is apparent from many media reports that there appears to be some misunderstanding or fear of Islam in our community, and is often seen as a religion of intolerance towards other faiths and one which occasionally appears to support radical ideas and hatred. That is very far from the truth, and those who understand and practice Islam in accordance with the Holy Quran, know that Islam is in fact a religion based on the principles of peace, justice and mutual respect and tolerance of all people.

In addition to these issues, there are those who believe that those who practice the Islamic faith, do not readily endorse the British culture and way of life, or in fact misunderstand it, leading to the charge that many are anti-British. Again this is very far from the truth, and appears to be based on ignorance and lack of understanding on both sides of society.

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