The Quran Society organises and participates a range of circles that address following topics.

    1. Translation and Commentary
    2. Textual and Contextual Analysis of Quranic Text
    3. The Verses Regulation
    4. Quranic Guidelines
    5. Quranic Themes
    6. Shariah Law
    Hadith and Seerah (Prophet's Life)
    1. Prophet's Tradition
    2. Prophet's Sayings
    3. Prophet's Prop=hibitions
    4. Prophet's Life
    5. Prophet's Pedagogy
    Contemporary & Historical Topics:
    1. Muslim History
    2. Muslim Civilisation
    3. Caliphates
    4. Islam in Muslim-majority Society
    5. Islam in Muslim-minority Society
    6. Islam in West
    7. Impact of Islam on Western and World Civilisations
    8. Impact of Western & World Civilisation on Muslim-majority Society
    9. Comparative Religion

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